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Integrable Models and Strings: Proceedings of the 3rd Baltic Rim Student Seminar Held at Helsinki, Finland, 13–17 September 1993

Integrable Models and Strings: Proceedings of the 3rd Baltic Rim Student Seminar Held at Helsinki, Finland, 13–17 September 1993

By: L. D. Faddeev, A. Yu. Volkov (auth.), Anton Alekseev, Antero Hietamäki, Katri Huitu, Alexei Morozov, Antti Niemi (eds.)

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Year: 1994
Pages: 288
Language: English
Published: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

This is a collection of papers on a variety of topics of current interest in mathematical physics: integrable systems, quantum groups, topological quantum theory, string theory. Some of the contributions are lengthy reviews of lasting value on subjects like symplectic geometry of the Chern-Simons theory or on mirror symmetry. The book addresses graduate students as well as researchers in mathematical physics.



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